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Sean Paul - Hold My Hand


Sean Paul - Hold My Hand
December 16, 2009
Posted by:Michele

Sean Paul - Hold My Hand

Sean Paul - Hold My Hand

Michele's picture
on Wed, 2009-12-16 13:53
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Sean Paul - Hold My Hand

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turbojay's picture

this should be seans next single to release, absolutly brilliant song and would be big here in england i reckon.

keep it up sean

Rosangela's picture

Sean Paul the most perfect man that God made ...
love your work and of course love you too.

COLLIS's picture

i love this song is very romantic and so true

SO ME GO SO THEN's picture

very very very good CONGRATULATIONS sean

Marcela's picture

I love this song! Sean Paul, you are beautiful!

Saraï's picture

J'aime cette musique beaucoup. I luv it mor dan anyoda song.

heartbreaker's picture

i miss my baby so much!!

CLAUDIA_3's picture

Sean Paul, te adoro agarra mi mano yo te llamooooooooooooooo te amo a madressss

B.L.G's picture

I miss my babi so much i wish he was here with me this song brings tears to my eyes.

B.L.G's picture

I love this song so much, everytime i hear it i think about me and my honey :-)