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Sean Paul - Hold My Hand


Sean Paul - Hold My Hand
December 16, 2009
Posted by:Michele

Sean Paul - Hold My Hand

Sean Paul - Hold My Hand

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on Wed, 2009-12-16 13:53
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Sean Paul - Hold My Hand

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valentina shrfp's picture

the girl name is keri hilson:)

Thomas Reen's picture

Nice video!!

vanda ramalho's picture

who is the girl name?who you to writing this song?-hold my hand-

Sasiri's picture

Hey sean, i luv diz"
Gdblz uU!!

Tedy's picture

I love it....., i like evertything he do :)

Luzem's picture

I Love this song !!! I remember this song when I dedicated to you in twitter :) jajajaja

So if you eva seem to lose your way don't hav no fear
Hold my hand, I'll be there boy you know I care boy

I Love when you sing this song in Spanish!

Sarahi's picture

my love
I can sing the ear
would be very romantic
and give you lots of kisses

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Tribute to Sean Paul : acoustic cover

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