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SP new Album and Mixtap


La Connexion's picture
on Wed, 2011-01-05 14:12

SP is working on a new album. Yes? Or I'm wrong?

is here anybody who know when he bring out his new album and the mixtap?

Here is my source of information.


Did I understood anything wrong?

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Nelisie's picture

There is a new thing that I`ve heart that his up coming album will be more dj music, like the song Keep It Poppin and Tik Tok. That is the next future say Sean Paul.

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no his not marring jodi.....dont be that happy! hes marring me!

La Connexion's picture


I'm so exited for his new album! I'm glad.

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OMGGGGG!!!! getting married with jodi???? i am sooo happy for him!!!! she is such one lucky woman!! well big ups 2 dem...i also heard dat he was going 2 marry somebody in april but i didn't know who

Nelisie's picture

I have found on google that the album will drop in Mid 2011 and that he gonna married with Jodi Jinx Stewart. But I have heard nothing about a second Mixtape.......

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No, I'm sure that you're right!
Now he's going more often into studio to make neew tracks for his new album!
I read it on facebook! :)
But for a mixtape I did't hear anything!
But for sure we'll hear some divine tracks of King of Dancehall!