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Hot Shot?


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on Tue, 2008-12-23 14:50

Who is the best newcomer on the Dancehall scene?

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yeaa Serani or Konshensss for suree

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Yeah I know that Chino isn't that new but I fell like his style improved a lot... gotta love songs like Rough It Up, Style It, etc...Serani is good yeah, but he's not among my fav artits. And Munga sux imo... I don't know why all the fuss about another gangsta wanna be

Krazy_gyal's picture

Serani is goood but lol on stage he flop at sting... Daseca production aint new at all but Serani jus sing since 2007-2008 so he cud be considered as a newcomer

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chino isnt that new. demarco overuse autotune just like munga. they all criticized munga autotune ahaha and now they all overuse it... oddly Kari Jess use it a lot too but I like the way it sounds with his voice

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Well.. Demarco's got what it takes to take Dancehall music worlwide to the next level, just like Sean Paul did some time ago. I also love Chino's style and di whole Big Ship family...

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i don't know. of dance-hall i listen only sean paul!!!!!!!!!! ^O^

Krazy_gyal's picture

demarco got some wicked tunes but i think he uses autotune too much... bugle is good too

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I know he's not new but everytime I hear Dancehall, "King of the Dancehall" by Beenie pops into me head. lolz I'm just stuck on the SP music right now waitin on the album.

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ohh hm i'd say wasp and konshenskonshens buss nowan wasp mixtape was madddi really like konshens he is a good lyricistladen is wicked tooshano lol dere are so many

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Mi nuh kno becah mi ungle a listen to Sean da paul !!!!! Mi nuh deh pan di undaground thing, ya zeen ? A Dutty Yeah..shandapal