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    Started by Dejhiavu

    Yo, Sean Paul cornrows are looking real tight right now! I'm lovin dem 4real. And I just happen 2 be eatin the best jerk chicken in Philly area right now from Flava, holla! What your favorite cornrow style 4 Sean Paul!

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    Started by bdghfhy

    It can be any movie prequel (like a movie after one already made, e.g. like spider-man 4 or the incredibles 2)

    what kind of character should Sean be? gangster? villain? businessman? what do you think

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    Started by bdghfhy

    Dutty Yeah? Dutty Yo? Pumba? Yuga Yow? Another? Choose!

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    Started by shekila

    how are you in the best condition and happy in life i hope.hope to see you soon.are you planing to come to the bronx/harlem soon if yes i hope you are planing a show in some time in late august and if possible please make it a family show so i can bring the kids out and let them see you take over,and dont forget to bring along with you your chefs so we can get our eat and drink on.please dont leave us out this year send us a clue,a ticket,give us a call on where it's going to go down,and if you want to find me i be at Rev.Al Sharpion's office every saturday moring from 9am until

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    Started by d wickedest slam

    Check out Sean Paul talking about his love of giraffes - it is some funny stuff man!

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    Started by Pedro_Fuentes

    Guyz am looking for a name to a new sean paul song i heard recently, am not sure if he was featured or he's featuring, but the chorus goes something the the right(not beyonce's) and it has high tempo beats. Thanx

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