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    Started by Corinne


    Chaque fois que j'écoute Sean Paul, son inimitable voie et le rythme de sa musique me transporte et provoque en moi une sensation de chaleur... Mes sens s'éveillent...

    Que ressentez-vous à l'écoute de ses chansons... Notamment "Température" ?

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    Started by karin

    "Imperial blaz" extra, souhaite te rencontrer un jour, continu de me faire rêver c'est toujours autorisé

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    Started by catherine

    Seriez-vous prets a signer une petition pour que Hollywood fasse un blockbuster sur la carriere de Sean Paul? Le film serait intitule "Sean".

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    Started by Juliette_2


    I will like to be your saltcellar if you are my pepperpot, that would be so fine ! Take me from my Daddy's home to go with you, this is straight from my heart. You may think I press it up but I'm not running of time to say I love you and that I wish to say :" Now that I've got your love then you can hold my hand". If only !

    If you go out with me, we be burning a real true love that will be ever blazing. Like a like to travel, I'll take you there and any place you wanna go. "All you got, you give it up to me and all I got I give it up to you" will be our promisse one to each other.

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    Started by NADINE

    real sex in home SEAN paul & RIAHANNA







    des moments d'amour :un vrai amour(sex)




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    Started by XRumerTest

    Hello. And Bye.

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