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    Started by sharetips033

    Stock market India is volatile and all those who speculate in market are loosing everyday. Please remember stock market is not for speculation purpose. If one feel investing in stock market is gamble then its better to think again.
    One should always note that if they want to invest money they should do proper research be it fundamental research or technical research. Just think how come you can invest
    your money without any convincing reason for the same?



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    Started by Juliette_2

    Find the name of the song with an extract of the lyrics !

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    Started by Martial Hermann

    Why the "Imperial Blaze" album was not sucessful ?


    The dutty rock album sold more than 6 millions, and the Trinity sold more than 4 millions, but Imperial Blaze did not sell much. I dont even know if it reached 1 million, i dont think.

    Dutty Rock gave us 4 singles (Gimme the light, get busy, like glue, i'm still in love with you).  Among them, Get busy got the 1st place on the billboard. Dutty Rock gave us several collabs :  with sasha, cecile, chico, debbie nova, razzel, busta ryhmes

    The Trinity gave us 5 singles (we be burning, temperature, ever blazing, give it up to me, never gonna be

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    Started by Alex the Imperial

    Yuga Yoow Sean da Paul fans :)
    I've recorded an own track calling windchime girl

    I just wanna know your opinion about dat thing...

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    Started by Marsha_2

    I like Sean's being a producer now with him "Blazes Fia" riddim. I am proud of you Sean Paul has a musician that has accomplished a lot over the years. These are the list of singers that on the hot hot riddim Sean's the producer.

    Sean Paul himself, Blaze Fia features Elephant Man, Mr Vegas, Busy Signal, Assassin aka Agent Sasco, Ce'Cile, Timberlee, Laden, Hallow Point, Suku (Ward 21), Wayne Marshall, Kip Rich, Future Fambo and Tarrus Riley.

    What do you guys think of Sean Paul being a producer and a singer at the same time? I would like to know what you think of the "Bazes Fia" riddim.

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    wanna see u dance sp. and wanna all musics dance video. sp music is based on dance;  why not use it?

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