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  • The Miami Marlins announce here that Sean will be performingas the final Super Saturday act for the 2009 season on September 26th at Land Shark Stadium.

    Each home game is called a Super Saturday which feature a post-game party with fireworks and a concert for free with your game ticket stub.

    September 24, 2009
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    According to Sean will be in Lagos, Nigeria to celebrate 250 years of Guinness Sept 24tg-- which is an EXTREMELY popular beverage in Jamaica, especially with the dancehall crowd.

    The celebration is, according to the article, world wide and states:

    "Over 60 artistes will perform more than 60 hours of live music in just one day in events to be held in cities around the world. Other artistes who will be performing at various locations include the Black EyedPeas, Sir Tom Jones and Estelle"

    Read article here

    September 23, 2009
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    Steve Wilson, Sean Paul's road manager extraordinaire, talks to the Jamaica Star about the "Press it Up" video and also explains the changing video game and how during an album's lifetime, many videos are shot nowadays for songs as people are watching more videos online than ever before. He also talks about the interactive experience of the Internet when it comes to watching videos

    Here is an excerpt from the article:

    changing game

    Wilson said the entertainer will be releasing another video soon and others will follow shortly. The videos will be shot at significantly reduced cost.

    But why so many videos?

    "The game has changed," Wilson said, explaining that not many videos are watched on television anymore. MTV, he explained, hardly shows videos anymore. Videos have been replaced by reality shows because people are now watching videos online on thousands of sites where fans get to have a more interactive experience. Fans, he said, can watch the videos, comment on the videos, comment on other people's comments and get into arguments over those comments."

    Read whole article here


    September 21, 2009
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    According the the Jamaica Star , Imperial Blaze has been the best debut for Sean internationally so far (Internationally meaning outside of the US territory). 

    According to the article, "Imperial Blaze has so far found it's way in 236,000 CD players, with record breaking sales in the reggae-dancehall hungry country of Japan, being RIAA certified gold in France, and top ten releases in Switzerland, Canada, and even as far as the United Arab Emirates.

    Read the full article here



    September 19, 2009
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    According to the Jamaica Observer, Little X has been hired for  director for the "Hold My Hand" video.

    According to the article , this is is the third video Little X will do with Sean Paul ("I'm Still In Love" and "Gimme The Light" were the other two cited) but in actuality this will be the 6th video (7th if you count "Come Over" with Estelle which Sean was the guest feature in (Thank you Salman for prompting the fact check).

    The videos X directed with Sean are :

    "Gimme The Light", "Get Busy", "Temperature", "I'm Still In Love", ""Give It Up to Me", and "Come Over" (Estelle's song)

    Check the article here.


    September 18, 2009
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