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"Whine It" Live


Ever Blazing's picture
on Mon, 2010-07-19 00:12

Sean Paul live in Casablanca


Sexy_Miss's picture

It Was Amazing too see you in morocco(l)
I Love The Songs,, I LOve The Moves,, I Love Ragga Dancehall style,,
And I LOve Sean Paul F

Kimi_2's picture

I love this song! I so need to see him live, I didn't get to see him in LA last time he was here :(

Jorge Luis's picture

gran concierto aquel, pero deciamos verte nuevamente con tus trensas las cuales te daban un estilo unico.

aphro's picture

I like(love) I like(love), it was the most beautiful evening of all my life, great woooo, great festival I hope that sean paul is going to return!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lilhagi's picture

@2pacleao I think its Wine it

Xxgorg3oussXx's picture

I hope you come toLeicester,UK..!!?

Xxgorg3oussXx's picture

Im so lovin this song ? ? SEAN PAUl u di real man!

2pacleo's picture

I seriously have problems with the name of this song... is it "Wine It" or "wine it pon me" or "Whine it"... somebody knows ?? Great song tho =D

Anonymous's picture

yeah he was in front of meee i wich he come to casablanca again

ferva's picture

amazin:) i like that song, i hope you come to Phoenix!! we love you SP

clauu's picture

amazing! I hope someday to see you here in Chile. I wrote on twitter, but Sean did not respond !!!!

saludos desde CHILE!
i love u!