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Sean Paul Wishes Everyone Merry Xmas!


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on Fri, 2009-12-25 12:13

"Its Christmas Day! Merry bless! Have fun!Connect wit fam n friends! Eat drink b merry! But neva 4get those who can't. The world still imbalance!"

-Sean Paul via Twitter


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Dj sell off to the world Sp Merry to You Sexy and the family

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same to u sp, have a merry christmas bro, n a happy new year, bless!

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Well said Sean! Happy New Year to you and your family!

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Feliz Navidad desde Gialagua Nicaragua, we love you!!

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merry belated christmas to you sp and your crew...all the best for the new year to come, and can't wait to see you here in montreal on the 2nd of feb:)

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Merry xmas men

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feliz navidad desde MEXICO....!!!!!!!!!!

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Merry Christmas!!!!!

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Merry Merry to all and to all a wonderful yet bless New Years Zeen!!!!!!!!!

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Hi! I almost had you for I'm Catherine from Carbet a.k.a christelle from!!!! I invite you on january 1st for lunch in Martinique. You can contact me in return at: Will you accept this invitation?

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mery xmas Sp! god bless!

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merry xmas honey!!!! God bless u!!!!

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merry cristmas guyzz! ENJOY! n HAVE FUNN! :)

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3r3s mUy l¡nd0 @m0r!!!!!

.........TE AMO

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merry xmas my prince xx thankyou for big blessings to you, your family, friends present and in heaven, your beautiful partner lucky women :) x :)

( me tolk to my memita she not good I feel powerless, feeling her tears and sadness she old now, me love her, she more like a mum to me!! me can only say and ask Jesus to look after her and have mercy on her!! AMEN!!

all ragga muffin sean pauly followers be blessed always merry xmas xxxx :)

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gracias papacito, me encantas!!!!!!!

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Merry Christmas for y'all!

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t3 @m0!!!!!!!

..............f3l¡x n@v¡d@d t3 d3s34 MEXICO,MORELOS!!!!!