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Sean Paul in Sardinia


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on Wed, 2010-08-11 20:14

@brandnewmachine posted this pic of Sean in Sardinia, Italy


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great perfomance for a great artist hope to see you soon here in sardinia
need your energy to dance dance dance and sign!!
i'm still in love with you sean!!! ahahhaah kisses

Valeria's picture

back soon to Sardinia please Sean ..I love it

mariela_sean paul's picture

sexyyyyyyyyyyy I love you sean paul

STE L.'s picture

SEAN PAUL and his staff are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! super concert!!!

Luzem's picture

:o Italy you are soo Lucky! jajaja :D

Lau S.'s picture

Magnificent concert! King back to Sardinia soon ;)

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Ma baccagà o gaggiu!! Ci fiasta affrori!

sara's picture

I saw sean last night in sadinia he was so gorgeus but I m really sad becaused I really wanted a pic with him or autograph orEVERITHING with him BUT NOTHING because he get away so quickly so SEAN????DO YOU UNDERSTAND??? please call me back ahaha I luv ya :*

daniela lombardo's picture

Unfortunately can not 'be at your concert!! but I am also happy because 'now you are ... IN ITALY! PS: When you come to Sicily??

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Eric's picture

Grande Sean Paul!!!

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????????? ??????.

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