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Sean Paul Looks Forward To Canada Tour


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on Sat, 2010-02-20 09:28

Sean Paul Posts via Tweetphoto

"Goin 2 canada dis week 2 blaze dem!!!"


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no actual fire happy happy happy they need some hot it up sound clean and out

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@live2dance: thats pretty awesome, cant wait to see it :) glad u had a blast

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T.O. and montreal were awesome!!!! Gotta say thou, montreal performance kicked a** big time!!!
thanks for the gr8t perfomance..i have tons of videos to upload..will try to get that done during the week:)

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Ay papacito lo que diera por estar ahi...

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WOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I just arrived in T-Dot for tommorrow nites party....will go back to Montreal Monday for the show there hahaha...OMFG I can't wait, I just got to my parents house, and had to pull out my lap right away and show them the site lmfao!! Safe travelling CREW:) xoxoxoxo

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sooo fine:X:X:X

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ahhh yeahh sean blaze it up yow big respect damnn 22 is my b day wish i were in montreal yowww but ok !!i well use d www.allseanpaul .com n twitter @aminesp