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Sean Paul "Hold My Hand" With Zaho Live


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on Mon, 2010-06-07 10:36


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qisiera ver estado hay

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sean paul d kingss fiaa

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I was there !!!!

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Hey, I wanted to ask that since a longtime. Do I disturb you when I watch your videos on Internet please? It is unbelievable how I'm surrounded by presences and holograms everytime I see you on the web. Have you really heard about such phenomenons? It is super-nasty. It should stop.

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Hi, Sean Paul! My name is Catherine CARDON from Martinique in the Caribbean. Can I please become your back-up singer? You can see my photo at under Catherine CARDON and also at under Catherine CARDON also.

Thanks in advance for caring for my request,

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????????? ????? ? ? ??????? ? ???????? ????? ? ??? ??? ??? ? ???????? ??? ? ????????? ????? ???????? ??.

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I loved this song

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I just noticed the black towel! It's classy!!!! loool

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wo wo wo wo!!!! wo wo wo woooooo!!!!!

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Ms lady Zaho need fi be Sp hype lady she all over the stage.nice voice rock star Zaho

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Thx fi di video! Nuff respect!