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New Hear Dis: Go Girl


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on Tue, 2010-09-21 20:42

I saw this blog post today- is bigging up new Sean Paul Tune he just recorded by Baby G. Productions.





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one tatoo in the hand...some my back.:-)

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que mala honda puesse corto el pelo y se quito las trenzas pues ese era su lub pero ni modo es el mejor cantante q hay sean paul

Nelisie's picture

No,. no tattoo! A clean body is better.

RUKA IN DA HOUSE's picture

If u wear jewelry den what's da difference in getting a tattoo? (lol)

RUKA IN DA HOUSE's picture

I had a friend from the UK back in the early 80s who had his whole neck done with musical lyric notes.... I tink one line is good enough (lol)

RUKA IN DA HOUSE's picture

ok1 tiny suggestion.... a nice tattoo on that juice neck ;)

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perfect style soooo niceeeeeeeeeeeeee

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BEST BEST BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Sean Paul!!!! SOOO COOOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!