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Moon Watch Sundays with Sean Paul


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on Mon, 2010-01-04 16:35


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Woo, that was really an up close shot! Must have been taken at en elevated sea level lol!
thanks :)

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hello my love as beautiful as the moon is always beautiful but not like the light in your eyes I love you cuidat 1 day for your birthday I love you ...

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Hi, Sean Paul! lol. good initiative! yeah, it's a planet! i believe you have to add ghost or so vibes and some traces of the planet appear. they are 9 billion, have allowed me to put in my head that i pulverized my sisters, they have one sean paul also and they are super dangerous and jealous of our emperor Rastafari...

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Pretty observation only to be on it is another story!!!

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Super !!! On apprend aussi l'astronomie avec S Peeze ... Reste à nous dire ce qui était écrit dans le ciel lol

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una bella luna..

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HOW NICE TO SEE THE MOON WITH YOU ........And when we finally kiss biter!!!!!