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Time Out Dubai Captures S.P.

on Tue, 2011-09-06 02:30

Time Out Dubai posted a great gallery of photos from the weekend show. See more here.

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Sean Paul for Pier 7 - Beirut, Lebanon September 3rd

on Thu, 2011-09-01 11:00

 Beirut Nightlife  reports:

Before he lands in Lebanon.  Sean Paul is trekking the globe this summer performing his greatest hits. In a recent article he said: “I’ve toured 100 countries in the world. We keep doing it year to year trying to go to places we’ve been before but also a couple places that we have never been.”

Because of that his tour has already taken him to Portugal, Turkey, Italy and Rome in 2011 and he says he is still looking forward to another first, “Actually we are going to Lebanon or the first time. I’ve been wanting to for a long time.”

While in the region, Sean will

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Sean Paul Adds More Dates to Middle East Tour

on Mon, 2011-08-29 17:29

Gulf News reports:

"A spokesperson for The Crystal Group said: “Paul lands in Dubai on Thursday for his show on Friday in Dubai and then he flies to Lebanon on Saturday. He will perform at one of Beirut’s trendiest spots, Pier7.”

Shoppiesta organisers guaranteed Paul would then fly back to Dubai for his booked show at Meydan on Sunday, September 4 where he will perform along with Kelly Rowland, T-Pain and Bollywood stars including Priyanka Chopra and Shahid Kapoor.

People by Crystal officially opens its doors on Thursday September 1.

Entry is free on September 2 in Dubai and September 3 in