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    The Richmond Times Dispatch caught up with Sean and this is what he had to say about his collabo:

    "Two people called me on the same day about working with Chris Brown on that song, and I thought that seemed strange," Paul said. "Chris has had some fantastic hits. I didn't think [the offer] was real at first, but I thought, if it's real, that's brilliant.

    "I knew that song was written from our perspective, from an island perspective, talking about this girl, and I guess Chris wanted to work with me."

    Full article...

    February 21, 2010
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    Congrats Sean to your EME Award! Read about the other winners in the Jamaica Observer Here.

    February 08, 2010
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    BND.Com reprinted a red carpet piece from the LA Times where they asked the Stars what they look forward to:

    "LOS ANGELES -- The early consensus was that everyone was on pins and needles to see what outrageous get-ups Lady Gaga would don for the show. Asked what he was looking forward to most during the show, dancehall reggae star Sean Paul smiled broadly and replied: "Lady Gaga. She has amazing style. I can't wait to see what she'll wear.""

    I am pretty sure her outfit met Sean's expectations...

    February 01, 2010
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  • December 05, 2009
    Posted by: Ever Blazing
           were at Jay Sean's release party and got this exclusive:

    "In the middle of the interview, we asked for a little sample of the album, and what we got was even BETTER than a recording!  Sean Paul sings a verse from “Do You Remember” while Jay Sean beatboxes for him…and it’s amazing."


    Watch it ...

    December 05, 2009
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    Check out Sean Paul featured in Downlow Magazine out now!

    December 01, 2009
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