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All Hip Hop Checks in With Sean Paul


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on Fri, 2012-01-06 01:30 caught up with Sean Paul and he  shares his excitement for his new album and also how the Jamaican accent is both a blessing and a curse.

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He's pretty damn talented! SP !!!!

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wow that s a great interview!! :) loved it!

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yav yapt???n?z ay?p ha birazda olsa adam?n eme?ine sayg? gösterin

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Finally news of SP and then Everblazing's post. Great !
Even though I'm not Jamaïcan, I think that Jamaïcan accent and culture are only a blessing

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Sorry for interrapting... and for Outposting.... I didn't find FAQ on this site/...

I'd very like to know.
Would Shaun Paul give a Conserts in Russia ..exectly in moskow??
and if-yes -when? or it's not planing atall?((

sorry for outposting and... ansver to me if it possible)) thanks!