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Daddy's Home

Track lyrics

Daddy's Home
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on Wed, 2009-08-19 16:45

Daddy's Home

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Average: 5 (5 votes)
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seanpaul-lover's picture

Well Sean Paul sings for his mother , is there any father in his life???? I don't know the lyrics of this songs. We all deserve parents !!

BabyGirl_4's picture

wE DESEARVE TO BE TOGTHER! Im begging you............I STILL lOVE YOU!

Alex the Imperial's picture

I think esspecially the beginning of this tune is extra fine!
The rest also!

Andy95's picture

i don`t like the start of the song but in the rest is fine ;)

RUKA IN DA HOUSE's picture

Ya, Sal it's a catchy tune....

salmanSP's picture

i love this track