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I'm a friendly person..I love to LOL..well..Im in England and got a crush on Sean paul lol yeh!just holla @me if u wanna know more about me..i like having fun and hope u enjoy my profile eyy.xoxo and if u can FOLLOW ME on twitter @Xxgorg3oussXx Sean paul is my all day everyday ADDICTION..♥ Even tho i can't spend a day without listening to him, he always put a smile on my face..♥ Am hoping to meet him one day's in my list of tings I should achieve..♥ Not just he is my favorite artist but I also LOVE,RESPECT and SUPPORT him alotz..♥ Personally, I think he is an amazing person..I love him to death..♥ Am so feeling special..So in Heaven and very lucky...ill tell u why..(check down)..♥ Unique he definately is..his smile, swagg,everythingz just perfect..♥ Let ne tell you something i love that man so much that no words can describe♥ HE FOLLOWED ME ON TWITTER..IT MEANS A LOT TO ME..ILOVEYOU @duttypaul..♥
United Kingdom
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just wondering if Sean Paul does check out his website and see how much we LOVE and RESPECT him?

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hy sexy ladyyyyy

what do you say for me ? i don't understand...

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yo, thank you gyal! yes, youre right. I feel lucky to get a tweetback from Sean.
Wish you best...

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Hey girl!!! ur name is Yasmine just like me! hehehe! And thumbs up 4 ur profile description! I like it! i'll follow u riteaway! my twiter is @spyasamy !!! Bless up!

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awww sweetie! ur comment was so sweet! thxx! yeah big up to yasmine & yasmine loool! hum sweetie please check a discussion topic i started! nuff love!
P.S: yeah i'm definately in heaven! :)))))

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I LOVE SEAN PAUL brap brap