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Salisa Wong(R) was more than ready to take a selfie with Sean Paul and her friends Simone Bromfield and Tameka Hall at the meet and greet session after Sean Paul’s performance at Moon Palace Jamaica Grande on Saturday, April 01.

Sean Paul had a complete tour stage setup, his very own Baddabanz Band, Baddagyalz Dancers and tour DJ Coppershaun on the turntables, all of which added to an exhilarating performance at Moon Palace Jamaica Grande in Ocho Rios, last Saturday, April 01, 2017 Moon Palace saw a full house inside their ballroom, with Jamaicans and visitors alike singing along to classics and new hits from Grammy Award winning artiste Sean Paul.

“That game was a good warm up fi shell the show later” Sean Paul said with adrenaline pumping after a match of tennis with #1 female player Serena Williams.

The warm-up was certainly needed as Sean Paul and his crew undeniably maintained a high-energy performance for almost two hours, crooning hits after hit. With energy that could break a seismograph, Sean Paul had the room chanting as he introduced Cheap Thrills. Revisiting classics like the 2009 hit I’m Still in Love with you Boy, it was clear that the two dancers enjoy performing as they danced their way across the stage, interacting with Sean Paul and the raving crowd.

When Sean Paul introduced Deport Dem, all phones seemed to go live, giving the ballroom another element of light as the guests captured the performance in which Sean Paul’s jovial personality came out through his song transitions when he spoke to the room and even opted to freestyle to the ladies. Though he introduced this track by asking permission to share with them a new song; the ballroom erupted into a choir as ladies sang and gyrated to Tek Weh Yuh Heart.

Maintaining that high, Baddabanz played the intro for Like Glue and there was no doubt that most, if not all, in the ballroom knew the 2002 hook. Fast forwarding to his recent No Lie single, Sean Paul was not shy to show off his slick waist movement as he took centre stage and was soon joined by one, and then both dancers who tested and proved his stamina on stage.

Sania Kaoud, a Canadian guest at the hotel took her mother and sister to the concert and the ladies were more than pleased by the musical offerings. “I always loved his music but the way he showed us who Sean Paul is and all that personality he brought on stage was very fun and enlightening to watch”, offered Kaoud. “He spoke to us like we all really were his friends and I didn’t feel dirty sitting beside my mom and watching him whine. I loved his energy and those girls were really good too”, she continued referring to the Baddagyalz dancers.

Senior Director of Public Relations for Palace Resorts Cessie Cerrato posited “we’ve hosted a number artistes but Sean Paul has been my favourite so far, his energy alone was just unbelievable”.

When the dancers brought out their very own props in the form of trumpets for Sean Paul’s Trumpets collaboration with SakNoel & Salvi, the performance was at its peak and ended on a high with Temperature (2005) when the artiste and his dancers had the ballroom doing the iconic Willie Bounce dance.

The multi-platinum recently released a video for his Tek Weh Yuh Heart single which features Tory Lanez, who is on this year’s Reggae Sumfest lineup for the festival’s special 25 staging.

Sean Paul will be touring for all of April 2017 with stops in Moscow, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, France, UK and the United States. Fans anticipate a new album soon and can sooner look toward a new single from Sean Paul. Called Body, the song is produced by Jamaican producer Doncorleonie, also featuring Migos.

Grammy Award winning artiste Sean Paul has been added to the line-up for the 25th staging of Reggae Sumfest. The multi-platinum artiste will break his current Europe tour for a fourth appearance on the festival.

Having racked up an impressive catalogue and a huge fanbase worldwide over two decades, Sean Paul continues to be relevant in the global music industry with a egacy of chart topping music including the classic Like Glue (2002),Temperature (2005) and in recent tomes Cheap Thrills and Rockabye.

The artiste last performance on the show was in 2014. With Baddabanz Band, Baddagyalz Dancers along with Farenheit and Tour DJ Coppershaun, Sean Paul is set to rewrite history with a high energy set. His Saturday April 01, performance in Ocho Rios at the Moon Palace Jamaica Grande at the Sean Paul Live in Concert is a signal to the power and flavour of the artiste's mood as he is keyed up to play for his Jamaican fans this summer.

Sean Paul released Crick Neck last year, in collaboration with Chi-Ching Ching and the single did well on the local music and video charts. He has also been doing great work with local producer Doncorleonie who produced Tek Weh Yuh Heart featuring rapper Tory Lanez, who is also billed for the Festival. The producer is also looking to release Body with Sean Paul and Migos soon.

Reggae Sumfest’s 25th anniversary features a week of events starting on Sunday, July 16 with a Beach Party, into the Sumfest Sunset Yacht Party on Monday, July 17. The staple All-White Party at Pier One takes place on Tuesday, July 18, Sumfest Blitz on Wednesday, July 19 and the Sumfest Heavyweight Clash returns on Thursday, July 20. The festival concludes at Catherine Hall on Friday, July 22 and Saturday, July 23 with a most anticipated stage show.

Early bird tickets and travel packages are on sale exclusively on www.eventbrite.com and patrons can keep abreast on Reggae Sumfest 2017 updates by visiting www.reggaesumfest.com

Grammy winning Reggae artiste Sean Paul poses for a quick picture in front the Alpha Institute building which displays their school motto “Upward and Onward”. Over the Christmas break, Sean Paul toured the premises formerly known as the Alpha Boys School and was pleased to see his contributions to the Music Technology Department being put to great use.

Kingston, Jamaica: Alpha Boys School Radio saw great success after hosting The Reggae Auction which offered to bidders across the world a custom voicemail from Multi-platinum, Grammy Award winning artiste Sean Paul.

The internet radio site saw a 75% increase in traffic as bids were made for the custom recording from Sean Paul, local entrepreneur Randy McLaren’s Bresheh items, and deals from Goldeneye Resort, Knutsford Court Hotel, among others. A lucky bidder from London will this week be made happy when he receives his custom Sean Paul voicemail recording after making the winning bid of US$180.

“The Reggae Auction attracted so many passionate and generous bids from around the world. The staff and students at Alpha are grateful to Sean Paul and all the donors and participants who made it an exciting international event” said Dr. Joshua Chamberlain, General Manager of the radio programme. Chamberlain is also a facilitator for Alpha Institute’s Media and Technology Department, now to be called the Sean Paul Henriques Media Centre subsequent to the artiste’s donation of over $1.5 Million.

Sean Paul has been making great strides in the entertainment industry. His Rockabye collaboration with Clean Bandit and Anne-Marie recently made the US- based Hot 100 Billboard Music Chart, subsequent to topping UK’s music charts. The artiste’s No Lie, featuring Dua Lipa is also crossing boundaries as it is featured in the highly anticipated Baywatch movie with The Rock and Zac Efron, in theatres as of May 2017.

Though Sean Paul has been in the music industry for over a decade, he still has the moves to "Tek Weh Yuh Heart" as is seen in the track’s video featuring Tory Lanez who has recently been added to this year’s Reggae Sumfest line-up. The video has racked up over 5 Million views since its March 1 release.

Sean Paul starts his next tour this Saturday, April 1 in Ocho Rios, where he will be playing for Moon Palace guests. He then leaves for Russia and numerous stops in the UK leading up to his April 22 performance at Kaya Fest in Miami, staged by the Marley Brothers.

Fans anticipate the release of new album which has been confirmed to feature a track with Hips Don’t Lie artiste Shakira.

Multi-platinum artiste Sean Paul
Multi-platinum artiste Sean Paul stays on top of his musical game with a new music video for what is already a hit, No Lie, featuring English singer Dua Lipa.

“Sean Paul’s totally replay-able new R&B-tinged party jam No Lie,” as described by Billboard is “real sexy”.

The Jamaican performer gives his fans a very reflective look into this dance hit which features the English model Dua Lipa, showing the two artistes in various scenes from different mirroring perspectives.

After debuting on the Billboard Reggae Digital Song Sales Chart at #3, in the first week of its release, No Lie has maintained a presence on music charts across the world. With, over 537,000 downloads on popular digital music media Spotify, and climbing to #5 on iTunes’ listing of Top Reggae Downloads, the single is expected to ascend on even more charts with this new music video release.

The Grammy Award winning, recording artiste is seeing great success with his singles since the start of 2017 as he has Rockabye collaboration with Clean Bandit and Anne-Marie, and Cheap Thrills summer hit with Sia on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart. Sean Paul has also been topping the UK Official Music Chart for the last nine weeks. iTunes is also seeing the artiste at #12 of their Top Reggae Downloads list for his Tek Weh Yuh Heart single with Tory Lanez.

The No Lie video can now be seen on Vevo with over 35,000 views only hours after its release. The single has sparked a #LitTonight trend across social media platforms as fans favor the Dua Lipa sung chorus with lyrics “it’s gonna be lit tonight, no lie”.

The video can be seen on the artiste's officiall Vevo page at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GzU8KqOY8YA

Sean Paul and his fans anticipate a sensational year with singles already topping charts, more songs and videos to come and the release of a highly anticipated music album in waiting.
Sean Paul poses for a quick picture in front the Alpha Institute building which displays their school motto “Upward and Onward”.
Sean Paul poses for a quick picture in front the Alpha Institute building which displays their school motto “Upward and Onward”.

Jamaica based, Grammy Award winning artiste Sean Paul is actively securing a bright future for young Jamaicans through his partnership with the Alpha Institute.

Following a recent tour of the school premises formerly known as the Alpha Boys School, the multi- platinum, recording artiste was able to see where his donation of over $1.5 million was used in the development of the studio and rooms under the Music Technology Department.

Now to be called the Sean Paul Henriques Media Centre, the department houses a skills training centre for its students in Music and Technology and now has a high-grade studio.

Sean Paul is heartened by the realities of who joined him on the tour over their Christmas break. Music Technology students Sajay Waton, also called DJ Wrist expressed great joy to be able to interact with and receive musical advice from the artiste. His joy, however, was surpassed by his class mate Roshard ‘DJ Rushian’ Henry who was elated to have Sean Paul voice a quick jingle over a riddim he produced in class.

The students were comfortable sharing their experiences, highlighting the changes the programme has made for them. “I used to be so angry, everyone in the community, in my family, even if you didn’t know me, you could see that anger. But coming here, I just do my music and I have people to talk to here. Now, being DJ Rushian I have a purpose and I spread joy to other people through my music. If you look at my batch, DJ Wrist can go out on weekends and earn money, we are professionals and it’s thanks to this programme,” expressed Roshard Henry in his talk with Sean Paul, administrators of the school and his Music Technology classmates.

The charitable organization was grateful for the artiste’s donations and subsequent visit. Reverend Don McDowell, the Audio Engineering Instructor looks forward to the student’s realizing successes and great achievements as a result of Sean Paul’s contributions.

“They are taking initiative and demonstrating responsibility and respect for the space and technical activities inside of it. I've seen their morale increase which I attribute to their love for the music technology and career they see themselves stepping into,” McDowell expressed with great pride in reference to the first set of students to sit this programme who are now sitting their third and final year.

Sean Paul continues to support initiatives geared at improving lives, over the years the artiste has donated to the Maxfield Children’s Home, National Children’s Home and the Father Holung & Friends charities among others.

Sean Paul and his fans look to an action-packed 2017 with singles already topping charts, a highly anticipated music video and an album in waiting.
Recording Artiste Sean Paul
Multi- platinum, Grammy Award winning, Jamaica based artiste Sean Paul kicked off the New Year at the premiere position for Music Charts across the world with his Clean Bandit and Anne-Marie collaboration Rockabye.

Of its 10 weeks on the UK Official Music Chart, Rockabye has been the number one hit for the past eight weeks, and continues to hold firm.

With its motherly, motivational message, upbeat tempo and riveting video, the single has consumed the hearts of many. The Rockabye fever has also reached Netherlands, spending the last three weeks at the premiere position for the music charts.

In Ireland, the hit also led the music the music charts coming out of 2016 and is sustaining its number 1 position into the new year and the hit is gearing up to take the American airwaves, reaching on the Billboard’s Hot 100 chart and gradually climbing as the weeks pass.

Sean Paul’s No Lie with young, English singer and model Dua Lipa is also another hit for the New Year and fans have been getting teasers all over New Media of the soon to be released music video.

Fans are in for an action-packed 2017 with his singles already topping charts, a highly anticipated music video and an album in waiting.


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