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Tomahawk Technique


Average: 4.8 (30 votes)
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Tue, 2012-01-31
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love it

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i <3 u man... i <3 ur songs too...

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great album...

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My all time favourite album.. love it

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My Fav album.. that's 4 sure!! I mean, they are all good, but tomakawk is my favorite!!

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he got 2013 style he is funk

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I love Sean Paul. He's beautiful, I especially like the song bless di nation... I LOVE YOU... from Tijana from Serbia

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four tracks? lol

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isn't it 12 songs suppose to be in dis album?

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Absolutely LOVE this album.. it has been on nonstop since I was at the Boston show... .and then went to the hartford show!

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nice songs

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hi bebe ,i love ur songs ,and i wish to can see u live.. kiss u

LuisDeOliveiraBianco's picture

Hey man, just want to say your music is AWSOME!!!!
Very crazy and energetic! Takes a lot of heart to write like that!
When you comming for a show in Rio de Janeiro??? hahahah

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supub brother

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ilove evry sean paul songs but she doesnt mind for me is immortal i lov it

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Dear SP,
I was there in Brussels at Couleur Café as I promised (sorry if I suscribe only now, I was abroad) and sincerely, you were better than in Paris 'cause this time, in addition to all the other positive points about Paris, you came back and you sang two more songs but even more, you sang (fantastically well by the way <3 ) at the end "I'm glad you came" of The Wanted, it was soooo kind of you and so touching !!!!! I was extremely glad that you were with us too !!! I've no more words than thank you soooo much for your prestation, you were absolutely fantastic and all was PERFECT !!! (Yeah, ALL : I was just like ten meters in front of you, it was crazy !!! :333 ...I screamed so much that I was sure some people wanted to kill me XDDDD ...Neverming =$$$$ ) I had a "banana smile" all night long ! =D
Thank you again for coming, for your voice & your energy !!! Please never change !!! So sweet memories ! =DDDD
Big kisses from Belgium !!! Have a nice Europe Tour ! Hoping to see ya soon !


$$$<<<real RoCk StAr oF HoLlYwOod>>>$$$

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I adore this album. just great and amazing songs. <3
My favorite song - She Doesn't Mind. Love it. <33

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i <3 this album

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I love this album
My favorite song is "She doesn't mind"
Strongly the next music

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Sean Türkiyeye Gelirmisin

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alwas iove u & love ur songs SP

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OMG !!!!!!!! =OOO You've realised my dream again (you were quite fast, in only one night x) ) !!! THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH !!! <3 <3 <3 I'll be there, see you on Saturday 30th June at Couleur Café !!! =DDDD

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HI SP ! =D
Well, I don't know if you'll read this but I hope so. I came from Belgium to Paris this Wednesday for seeing you for the first time (it was my first concert too), it's been a long time I wanted to hear and see you in real life (I listen to you since my 13 years old - you seduced me with "Get busy" :3 ). As I am a fan, I wanted you for my first concert experience and finally, it happened !!!!...My opinion ?
One word : A-MA-ZING !!!! >_< <3 I adored the way you were close to us/you made us participate (even if I wasn't in front of the scene but in the seats on your left), the way you moved/danced, I loved your energy and most of all your voice !!!! <3 The only thing I dislike was that you didn't came back =( ...Actually, I really don't get bored for seeing you =p It was a pity but anyway, I enjoyed every minutes and I screamed so much that I have no more voice now but I don't care, I was proud to yell for you, to encourage you, to hear you, to sing with is really and with no doubt the happiest day of my life !!!!!! When you sang "Hold on", I started to cry (no, I'm not mad ! :x ) 'cause this song means so much to me, every time I hear this, it gives me hope, comfort and strength.
THANK YOU SO MUCH for all what you give/offer to me, I beg you never stop singing and continue in that way ! I hope you'll do another concert in Belgium soon (I am aware that you've lots to do but who knows ? I hold on to my dreams ;) ) and you can be sure I'll be there !!!!!
Have a nice Tour ! Kisses !
P.S. : The dancers were amazing too !!! *O* Congratulations ladies !!! Really pretty nice =DDD

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When it will be released in Brazil? I can't wait to buy it and finally listen!!!!

Sean's the best!

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i love all songs in this album its realy great

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