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Sean Paul - Imperial Blaze


Average: 4.9 (97 votes)
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Sun, 2009-06-28
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meow's picture

wine baby wine --- im in love with it and im in love with sp's voice. he's awesome

mazzika's picture

mazzika's picture

This tape is very good
And I want to know a girl who speaks Russian(elvira)

Tabbs's picture

i be burn 4 sean paul

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prajwal's picture

hey dude, i was very muck keenly waiting for the next of yourself, i got it in the way of the blaze, i just shake a lot to your music..............keep going.........i am from

MONIX's picture

Genuino, sin duda

jamai-mama16's picture

dis iz as gud as da the trinity

Magic(L)SeanPaul's picture

come to england agian even tho u wer here just a while ago

kelvin blaze's picture

sean paul lo mejor

n8iveguy100's picture

you da mon sean pezzy!!!!

dalma88's picture

cd bellissimo!!!sean ritorna in italia come prima!! GREAT ALBUM!SEAN COME BACK IN ITALY!PLEASEEE!!I LOVE YOU !

vivianedda's picture

medicina per la mia solitudine..
medicine for my solitude...

Magic(L)SeanPaul's picture

i got it all woop love it its every where got it in ma head its like 1 big song lol

MC-G's picture

The best Album Respect from Bulgarien ;]

ahmedzizo's picture

i am egyptian and i love sean paul and i love all songes for sean and this is my best singer in world and i love the last album and nice album sean i hope see u in egypt at good party i will come for You :D

JamFinest's picture

I got it!on all ipod,computer,memory,and resource.just straight love from chin chin ching-i know u like it.but guess wha work out time SWEET(TUNE11-BRUK OUT)

123456789123456789's picture

yeni albüm süper olmu? ba?ar?lar?n?n devam?n? dilerim sayg?lar?mla.y.k

alher's picture

Sean Paul's song press it up is good and the other songs :)

kemo_2's picture

ana mosh 3arf a3mel daown load

saul300's picture

IMPERIAL BLAZE the best album in the history

sean da paul's picture

ello got the ablum before it came out x lol

melanie_2's picture

i love this album this is the best i like now that i've got your love
i love love love sean

Elvira's picture

Imperial blaze is the best albom I ever heard! Especially I like "Lately".
Thank you Sean, I enjoy your music!!!

MrLeviathan's picture

yo sean, ur album is fire man, unbelievable........ the best sean paul has to offer by far in his career. all the songs are great not good no not even great jesus i dont have the words to even explain how fantastic this album the name of it the songs lyrics n beat jesus u went way to hard in this album........ i hope there will b a special edition wit great songs that u didnt come out wit, i will mos def get it bro, buyin 2, 1 to listen to n one in the plastic..... lol, keep it up..... u mite not want to say ur not the king but really lets b serious look at these songs man....... U R THE KING OF reggae/dancehall PERIOD

verisono's picture

hi Sean! im so glad you come to Tokyo!! see you here!!
i cannot stop listening your song!!

kemo_2's picture

this album is very nice .i loved it

Tracy alessandra's picture

I loved this album is very good. love sean

Edgar's picture

Sean Paul Hey how are you well I hope I hope someday you come to Mexico City to sing some of the best Jamaican dancehall and submit one of your best reggae albums of "Imperial Blaze" which is a big hit with the single "So Fine "and" Press It Up "which are well hopefully good well run me answer my goodbye.

seanpaul4ever's picture

Imperial Blaze ist fantastisch und sehr gut.Sean Paul ist der beste in der Welt! D-D-Dutty YO