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Sean Paul - Dutty Rock

Average: 4.9 (33 votes)
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Tue, 2002-09-24
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JulietteSP's picture

Ganja Breed <3

~ GiovannaLuvsSeanPaul ~'s picture

i love sean paul ..........

Deejayfabulous's picture

mi go so with U

NADINE's picture

the last album 2011 with a real video for the personnel life of sean paul with his girlfriend EXCLUSIVE

Preety Majumder's picture

it actually doesn't matter to which and what song are you singing to me all are best because its sung by you..i love you so much..

Pry's picture


Dutty Girl ir's picture

Awesome! with best one , get busy!

Martin Punkie .'s picture


mimina love SP's picture

this is the first CD I had and from there! I loved SEAN PAUL because he really touched me with his beautiful way to sing! i like this album soo Much!!!!

turkish_istanbul44's picture

Batuhan kat?l?yorum :) perfect

batuhan avcı's picture

th?s ?s american dream :D

jaineanne's picture

I love this song. have done for years. sean-paul 4 always yours!!!!!

ton1santacruz's picture

the best cd of sean paul!!! viva sean paul from españaaa!!!

aRiaDNa's picture

Ma FAVORITE albuuum so far...with this album I become di Sean Paul fan I am today 'n dat's why is sooo close to my soul!!! dis doesn't mean mi nah like di others...I DO...I LOOVE ALL SP ALBUMS!!! BOOOM!!!

Justin tembolar's picture

I like this

Lorrain's picture

Dutty Rock still a good cd I listen allmost everyday and stage one 2 !
I have this cd from release.

Alexis Mares's picture

sean paul... when you come to monterrey mexico!

angelize's picture

always love this album especially when me and me dad are off on holiday we must play Im still in love with you on a loop its soo coolxxx

sechel's picture

I'M from PANAMA the second house of reggae!... for me this is the best album from sean paul all song are well inclusive the spanish version of punkie is so funny! lots of KISSES for you i love you sean!!! ;)

JamFinest's picture

I'm still screaming the name of the sexy don but no reply love fi feel it deep down but still no play

DuttyBabe14's picture

Yuggo Yow! Da best album inna d history ov albumz....keep it goin sean!!!!

SeemaDee's picture

Wicked album!!



Siny's picture

Like Glue , Get Busy , Gimme the Light , I'm Still In Love With You are the best songs from this album!!

Raj's picture

thnks to sean paul website

Raj's picture

easy way to listen sean paul music........

Jorge Luis's picture

like glue......

seanpaul&amp;sasha's picture


SEAN PAUL #1 ^ ^ n_n

Tabbs's picture

helllllllllllllllooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sean paul

Tabbs's picture

hey sean just gimme da lite

JamFinest's picture

Man a ganja breed~ Sean Paul your number one in my heart.not the grade talking just gotta love you the cd and the work i put in from hearing your voice.COME TO ME!!!!!!LOLduttygal a duttygal but lady status cause a change has come!!!