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What about ''So Fine''?


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    What about ''So Fine''?
    Started by FeeldattreND
    (6 years 9 months ago)

    Do you like the first single of new album?

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on Sun, 2009-04-26 04:57

Do you like the first single of new album?

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So FINE is only SO FINE.

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Love it and the music video! And like him, it's SO FINE!!! =]

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SP just Won an award at mp3 music awards 2009

The RDS Award
Reggae / Dub / Ska
Sean Paul - So Fine

Congratulation to Sean Paul

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it's a good 1st single. i think PRESS IT UP is a lot better tho... that song is one of the best on the album.

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MOST DEFINETLY! My oh my. Goodness, YES. I love his lyrics in this song, I mean I truly enjoy and feel like he is telling me and at the right time I catch his song playing just when I need it! Sean de Paul you are truly SO FINE. Smoothed out and you shine!

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Vote For “So Fine @ MMA 2009

I LOVE IT, It should be number 1 on the chart

Sami Love

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awsome! like it very much:)
Make me feel SOOOO FINNEEE!:))

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Gotta love anything this man puts out.. They all are blazing hott!!!

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"@yasmine of course i like it... its really good song you know.. well like the name of song.. its so fine ;);)"

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I think it's a nice track, but not as good as I expected. I think the riddim is too electro, to tecno, eekno? I don't know whether the whole album is gonna sound like that or not, but I hope not! I would really like a song with that chorus he sand at the Amsterdam Interview video "come and get it ooman, you know I got it for you Anytime, Anytiiiiime, many many time some gyal have so many many grind, some a dem dont understand the time...." sounded awesome! Anyways, looking forward to the video!

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Of course I like it, it's fire! But what's ur own opinion about it? Do u like it???

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Any Thing From Sean Paul Is Good

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Yes I Like (SO FINE) Good Song

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? l?ke that.?t's very good.

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it's nice!can't wait to heard the new album.

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ohh yeah is a very good song... i think that sean paul will have a very good album the best album of him you know i say? is very goood song and I wait that the album too!!!