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How did you become a fan of Sp?


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    How did you become a fan of Sp?
    Started by FeeldattreND
    (7 years 3 weeks ago)

    What did make you fan of him...

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on Sun, 2009-01-18 06:44

What did make you fan of him...

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I became a fan of him when I heard So fine, a great track, from radio. At first I thought: Who is that! He has to be cool. After them I looked for his tracks and found many. All were diffrent but similar if you watch out one point: all are cool.
Sean Paul is an own category. Noone is singing like him.
O I love him.

Sweetsgirl38's picture

I became a fan for life when I heard "Deport Dem" at first I thought it was Super Cat whom I also love. But Sean Paul brought Dancehall back to life. It was on life support and he was the right medication. A party just aint a party unless you have some SP tracks.

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well when i was yonger my brother jonathan always put his music on i always like it when i heard it i always danced to it all of his songs are very catchy and i think he puts a lot effort in his albums and songs and he really supports his country and i like that :p

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I was sitting heart-broken in my truck and I had just bought his cd... just cuz i always "appreciated" his style... so anyways i put in the cd, and something wonderful just came over me... i was instantly in sync to the music, the rhythm, and right then I knew this was it for me.. my favorite artist! His music just does something to me.. it's my escape.. it makes everything all okay :)

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wel ma 1st song was get busy nd i jst lv dis song.. dance moves r cool.. lv ya SP!!

Atef-Sean's picture

since i saw his 1st clip shake that thing i like that music
and his style is damn cool since that time ;)

xerene's picture

kapit bahay ku kea yn !! haha :DD nkta ku pa kea xsha mnsan nka hubad !!! close na close kmi !! kau ngaii?? FAN lhang !! hnggang coment lhang kau !! kmi npunta sa KAMA !!! xDDDD

Dust---Raul Blanco's picture

Eres el mejor sean!!!Raul

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sean paul mi numba1 aartist ov da 21st centuary
no one bigger dan seany

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ever sincei woz born
nd ever since sean paul came big
i started listenin to all his trakz nd dat
dats how i started to love his music
he inspires me
a big idol
a person i wont 4get

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I was a fan way before he was big back in Miami....too bad i did not stay friends with him LOL

p0tnik's picture

temperature :)

Sean Paul-Fan's picture

Mohter Fuckers Aykut

Pauline's picture

I'm a fan for about 7 or 8 years now. When I got my first computer I had to find everything I could about him. Pics, video's, music, stories...everything! I found out that he already was recording in 1995 (Baby Girl), and sometimes still I'm surprised of all the things he does. The latest thing I found on YouTube is the Odyssey Mixtape. Check it out!

marina martini's picture

Everything .. I love it for what it is .... for their work ... their music .. I really am hardcore fan of him...
come to Brazil again!

seanduttypaul's picture

my first was listen to temperature and I sean paul fan

seanpaul_3's picture

my first songs was ever blazin,press it up,like glue and we be burnin

Heaven_Cynt's picture

Been a Fan of Sean D. Paul since Stage one!

seanpaulmaniatik's picture

i listen we be burnin and watch temperature video. he is beautyful

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in tv i watch the video of temperature in december, 2006 and listen we be burnin and i are veryyy crazyyy...

ioio's picture

first sond of SP i listen was Breath-with blue cathrelle! and it was great! Sp voise baaaam!since that i'm he's fan :D sorry 4 my english

Somegossolem's picture

My first Song was Get Busy and I love this Song.
The Video to this Song is great with the little dancing Kid:)
since then I have all Albums from Sean Paul and hear the music the hole day

The Junior Sean Paul..........'s picture

when i was in 9th standard i lisented the song which is "TEMPRATURE" i like SPs voice, & i decided 2 sing A song as like as "SEAN PAUL"........... i like you SEAN PAUL

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I walked on dances and we dance on "We Be Burnin":)

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moi je suis tombe sur lui par hasard sur un forum et j ai ecoute une de ses chansons et je suis tombe raide dingue de ces chansons. il ma colle des frissons quand il chante . sean paul yogayoooooooooooo!!!!!!!

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Ever since i heard his music whe he staterd i became a fan and love him

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okay, okay! excuse me... On which planet are you please? THE Earth or Earth?

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You're a serious bitch! Stop deejaying, stop toasting!!!!!

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Ha i guess tha was when i first heard gimmie tha lights... in guatemala tha was the first SP song in history i thought that was his first album... n' then i read about stage one on internet... n' the rest is history... i bought duttyology.... that a hell of a concert...

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I was on a Reggae forum called since 2001 and in 2003 I just asked the webmaster if Sean Paul used to come onto the forum and from ever since and because I had the impression to recognize Sean Paul in a few posts I got more interested in the artist who was so hot already at the time. So yeah, now I'm a fan of Sean Paul. I can say that he is one of the two artists who has never disappointed me neither musically nor as a star.
It's true too that it lacks good old stars or superstars things in his game. There could be scandals even small about him, crazy fans, more girls shown with him in magazines, more tabloids things etc...Or more seriously documentaries done on his story or so...