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How did you become a fan of Sp?


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    How did you become a fan of Sp?
    Started by FeeldattreND
    (7 years 3 weeks ago)

    What did make you fan of him...

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on Sun, 2009-01-18 06:44

What did make you fan of him...

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his voice, I don't know WHAT it is, but it's soooo....
and he looks hot. His way of doing things, you know, just being normal in his own way, I like that!

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i have to tell the style, because sp have a sexy style he make me feel sexy in alltime including..... this times

Mal2iya's picture

SP = Mr. Independent,,,be yourself

You're realizing yr uniqueness in the entire universe.
No one will eer have yr song to sing
Throght all eternity, it will be yours alone.

Whatever needs to be done,
you do willingly and cheerfully.

- - SO FINE - -

Jorge Luis's picture

solamente apoyando lo q hace
y cantar sus cansiones al oirlas
DESD MEXICO.....................

daniela lombardo's picture

I love the rhythm , the voice , the style and songs of Sean Paul. Him is really THE KING OF DANCEHALL !!!!!!!!!

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before we be burnin he was just like any other artist to me he was OK...BUT after we be burnin and the trinity album he became my number 1 artist.

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I saw a video (The 2 Hard Crew Medley) he made with Elephant Man,Sean Paul, Wayne Marshal & other artist & was hooked!! Soon after that I continued to follow his career. When "Gimme the Light" came out, I had just started a relationship with my future husband. Oddly enough....part of what drew us together was the fact that he was such a music freak & was a HUGE fan of Sean Paul. We got married a short while after that & started to travel & managed to catch one of his shows in Dubai 10 days before my birthday!!!! To say it was absolutely amazing is an understatement. I happen to own all of his albums & a few other cd's where he did a little work.

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Since Dutty Rock, especially the hit singles

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when i see ever blazin .. WooW !! i love S.P soo much

lilhagi's picture

well,i saw others become fans because of WE BE BURNIN.
one day,on tv,i saw the video if it..i said it's ok..i couldnt understand a word!!!:)) after more views i really enjoyed it.i started singing just the chorus + i was mad about the dancin!!
than i saw EVER BLAZIN.i was like OAUUUUUUUUUUU....i fell in love with that song ;)
after that i saw the BREAKOUT outro made me madddd and i BOUGHT the album and since than i am crazy about sp's style
for me WE BE BURNIN was the lucky song:)

Elvira's picture

After I saw video - Give it up to me with Keyshia Cole, I fall in love with SP! And still I'm crazy of him!

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GET BUSY , I heard his song for the first time, then followed his cds..! Too good!

dliddell's picture

Gimme the Light first SP song i heard. Loved it and fan of him since. Gimme the Light is still my favorite song of all time!!!

Jana Lopes's picture

It was love at first sight. My sister was already a fan and when I saw the clip "I'm still in love whith you boy" I was crazy! rs
That girl dancing too! And his voice is super sexy...
After that, just wanted to Sean in my life.
Buy CDs, download photos on the Internet, join into communities, websites, everything!
Temperature is my favorit clip... I can be the mom... ;)
When you come to Brazil?

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One song did the trick. Hot Gal Today- Sean Paul and Mr. Vegas That all I used to play in my car back in the days.

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when i was a little girl(in spring)i was hearding 'im still in love with you' ft. sasha..and i shocked..i have listened all his songs(more than 100 time)...and im really in love with him..he's my favorite man in the world...

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I Was hearding Oh Man feat daddy yanke and then i get the song Temperature, next I start to listen him i i really like it man! so I
SP change muy life, He is my favorite singer !!!!

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quenn what about yuuu ? by the way... get busy was choosen the song of that summer in Turkey... and temperature too

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The "Come Over" song by Estelle. Up until hearing that song and seeing that video the only reggae performer I enjoyed listening to was Bob Marley and a little Shabba Ranks. But SP changed all that for me, so I guess I should say "THANKS" Sean for all that you do!! Keep makin' da musiq fly boy.

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I heard we be burnin

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The success with the son "Get Busy" made him really popular that even I became interested in his music. I also love "We Be Burnin'" and "Temperature."

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When I Was A child I heard "Get Busy " on radio, and I saved the tune in my heart .....
And a few years later I watched "Temperature" on Tv.... and When I Googled for SP , I've listened to all his songs and I Shocked When I listened to Get Busy cuse I recognised it, and listened to It That day more Than 100 time>>> and from that day I became a fan ..

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Queenm, I wonder your answer :D:D

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for me i lestten to hem by cd of dutty rock in 2004 the best of dancehall
the last month i find one big video of sean in new pc portable and same clip of arabic this is a biggg surprise for me hhhh

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my answer would take too long to post :o

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I heard his song first time on Tv and was Get Busy.I noticed that song was very nice,but at first I din't knew remember his name.Then the sec time I noticed that he is also cute and then I started to search on internet about him and here I am today..

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I heard his song first time on Tv and was Get Busy.I noticed that song was very nice,but at first I din't knew remember his name.Then the sec time I noticed that he is also cute and then I started to search on internet about him and here I am today..

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well i have a big story fah u guys nut I'll try 2 mek it short...First when I heard him with "get busy" i couldn't swallow him (yeah...sorry)b'coz everyone in my country were craaaazy aba SP! then all da songs after the same 4 me (daaaaamn AGAIN dis guy)! he conquered me in 2003 with "Breathe"...i luved da song, the I saw his sexy eyes, hot lips, sweet voice...n' here I am LUVIN' Sean Paul from then till 4evaah n' evaahBLESS!!!