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UCLA Sean Paul Concert Info


Ever Blazing's picture
on Thu, 2011-04-14 20:40


May 30th for all South Cali Crew!

For more info or on Facebook


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Hurry up and recover my friend.
May the road to the recovery be light and bright with painless joy and happiness.


Vadim Dyachenko AKA Long De Houyi
LA Shaolin Temple

IGWE-EFFIZZY's picture

i really think Mya Features Sean Paul On Her New Album will be a good

JamFinest's picture

sean paul gone be in the build

Luzem's picture

Oh mi dios ! Hoy estuve todo el dia escuchando a este señor ... y ya ni agunto mas en cualquier momento me voy a donde sea para verlo u.U! jajaja

RUKA IN DA HOUSE's picture

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