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Sean Paul In Northern Cyprus


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on Sat, 2010-08-07 22:06

Mad vibes in cyprus!!! Tnx 2 all who came out!!!bam bam bam!!! - Duttypaul via Twitter


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Sean paul your performence was great thank you for valuing your minoraty fans aswell as the majority !

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Are the greeks really that threatened of the turks that they cant even bare any artists to come vist or to porform ?n north cyprus . What do u think that they d?dnt k?ll any of the turks yes they d?d ! stop th?nk?n that the sun sh?nes out of your a** cos let me tell you someth?ng ?t dnt!

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whaaaa gwan...i dnt think any1 gives a shit if the island is divided or not!!! the man is bloody jamacian do u think he cares????he came he sang and he conquered....wen u guys stop being racists 2 black pple in ur community....then u shld talk abt discrimination...if u discriminate aganist my own kind...then otha pple wld discriminate aganist you please enough about illegal occupied territory!!!!

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everyone who loves Sean Paul check this link about the Turkish invasion in Cyprus 1974

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The only country that recognizes the illegal TRNC is Turkey. Turkey invaded Cyprus in 1974 and divided the island in two parts. All 200+ countries in the world don't recognise the ILLEGAL trnc. So, congratulations Sean Paul. You earned the support of 300,000 Turkish cypriots and illegal turkish settlers and lost the support of 1 million greek cypriots. Was the hotel you performing at, the land of greek cypriot refugee(s) ? As a world renowned artist your manager should first check the political situation of a place you visit for performances. Hope the money you earned at the illegal trnc were well worth it Sean Paul.

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Shut the f**k up, whats your proplem? YES there was a war, and YES lives were lost ON BOTH SIDES. But you cant persecute people for the actions of their elders. How can there be peace in this world, when there are people like you Alex A in it. (whats the A for? ARSE). Greeks and turks manage to get along every where else in the world, why cant the Cypriot Greeks take a leaf out of their book? As a country we are trying to progress, So Big thanxs and Nuff Love to Sean Paul, Keeping the peace and keeping it real xxx

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How could you perform in the occupied area, do you support the occupation of Cyprus? performing on the graves of all those who perished at the hands of the Turkish Soldiers. You've helped Turkey in the plan to permanently separate the Cypriot people and the island of Cyprus.

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You can see the photos of SEAN PAUL concert at North Cyprus on this link

it was amazin SEAN!!

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thx for a fantastic evening....your performance was first class, please come back again xxx

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It was great to be able to see you so close and then in the concert...was amzing!!! u and ur team r amazing...luv u...

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You were great in Cyprus! Hope you liked our island of love. Love your music - following you since I was 14. Sean Paul fan 4 life!!
Hope you come back to Cyprus xxxxx

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So great to see in you Cyprus, thanks so much for taking out the time to take photos. Amazing Show , Take Care Much Love Saf x

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? love u so muchhhhh

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Seannnn we had a great night last night..your performance was LIVEEEE..
Thanks for the great experience..we'll probably need few days, if not few weeks to recover from the excitement..:D


we always loved you..(from all your northern cyprus chicks)
we will be waiting for you in london..:D

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sean your the best thanks for a great night hope u liked North cyprus bam bam bam!!!

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yooo yooooo you check it out
paul you're always grabbing great good music, man we would like to see a good video grabbing powerful hip hop artists, brother jajaja blessings
Emy of Argentina

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Great Performance! Congratulations Sean! x

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