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Sean Paul "Wine It"


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on Fri, 2010-05-28 12:21

New Music on Hold Yuh Riddim!! Love this! Memorial Day treat!


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amazing bro keep it up

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I love all your songs, and this particular !!

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Niceeeeee. The beat a set the heart pon fire hot one for the summer Sp. Lady's can u wine? Set the peace and love it slowly.

lil dee <3 sP's picture

Woooooooooooooo !!!
i luv iT
nd always Sp SongZz Da besT aLL oF PpL KnW DaT ;D

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somebody knows the name of this song??? sounds like EVER BLAZIN but im sure its not

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This is really good! I really like the piano in the background and of course, sean paul's singing!

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I very like th's photos en audio SUPER I LOVE Sean Paul.

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bless up yow dats mi link on youtube ;)

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stuuf for his new album. If the following tracks amazing too, I will buy next album without to think two times-YOu know what I mean!
Dutty for ever!

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wow sean paul doin it big like always keep it and he look hot with that moehawk

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This song is amazing!!! Good job as usual Sean!:)

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wow...sean is a genious... new stuff after another n they all great!!

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Best shit ... love it!

Big it up ... to de top ;)