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Sean Paul and Trina Backstage In Miami


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on Sun, 2010-03-14 20:00


Courtesy @Brandnewmachine


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i`ve never ever ever ever ever, think that i could see you like this way....
but got me...!!!!!

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Se veria mejor si se rapara, divino como en stage one :p

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NNNNNNoooooooooooooo, l miss the old hairrr.......this dont look that bad....BUT I MISS THE OLD HAIRDOOOOOO

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Yo! hair? i totally loved the cornrows! the speehawk works on u though. looking good, Trina! i would go back to the cornrows, but that is just me. lol. love ya! Later!

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i love the hairstyle all though i did like the cornrows i think u look hot by the way u look goodd with any hairstyle no matter what i love u and ur music :)

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Looking different the both yea'll but good damn good pretty smile trina

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Oh Gosh, why did you cut your hair, it was awesome !!!!!!
I have lost my inspiration to make my braids :(

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i want my hair.........................:(

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ahhhhhhh....wish i was in Miami this past weekend. I know you just came to Toronto but i can't wait for you to come back

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sean paul Returned rasta good look

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it doesn't look all that bad... i guess we just got used to the cornrows... he can wear an afro for all i care... he'd still look smok'n hot...bbbbzzzzz

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For me this hairstyle looks good

Trinit¥'s picture cute pic!jus lovin ur new style lukn gud as alwayz

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No comment...

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Guapisimo BB

Nassim (DuttySp10)'s picture

Honestly, your previous hairstyle was lookin' very well and I hope that you'll bring back your old hairstyle...

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i think some deep to light blue color tint for the tips of his mohawk would totally rock!

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buena foto....