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Jimmy Kimmel Sends Yehya To Grammy's And He Bucks Up Sean Paul


Ever Blazing's picture
on Wed, 2010-02-03 15:33


Tonight's gonna be a good night!!


JamFinest's picture

So Jimmy what the f happen to meme? yehya interview them sell off goodnight

Jorge Luis's picture

noooooo se veee..

Mrs Clare Paul :D's picture

Sean Yhuu Was The Best one there butt It was Funny When He Slapped Akon Arse ahahahahaah !!!

B.L.G's picture

That was too funny love it... That was nice Sean stopped and did his thing :-)

Kimi_2's picture

sean can get down anytime anywhere to any beat! He's awesome :)

AimeeLucca's picture

Why not!!! por que no puede verse en mi pais!!!

2pacleo's picture

that was hilarious, yo sean great rhymes my man!!