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Sean Paul In Montreal


Ever Blazing's picture
on Sat, 2010-02-27 19:19


mr_lover's picture

hi sean i would like to invinting you to come to oman realy i become crezzy when am seeing u pls i wish to see my requstion to making biggest event

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concert life yet to experience was not meant to i guess

Jorge Luis's picture

estoy deacuerdo con aimee, pero negando lo papasito, jajaja

AimeeLucca's picture

Ayyy Papacito... A ver si te dignas a venir a tierras mexicanas!!!

live2dance's picture

here is my profile page w/the vids i have upload so far!!

SO ME GO SO THEN's picture

Sean please come to TURKEY

live2dance's picture

no not my vid girl...i was right up front against the state stage rail..infront of the right speaker facing the can find some of the vids i took on youtube..for some reason i can't upload them here, and its not letting put the URL in either... u can search my profile on youtube if u want its naggypat24 I think there is about 5 or 6 uploaded so far...still have a few more

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I envy this people. I want to be on his concert. Sean pls come to Poland.

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Live2Dance this is your video...right? Wow, the crowd is totally jumpin!!!