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Sean Paul in Burkina Faso


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on Sun, 2009-12-20 08:16

Sean is welcomed to  the West African country of Burkina Faso, which was his next stop after Mali and is loving the trip .

Above is a photo Sean took from his balcony (via tweetphoto) i



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sean eres grande mis respetos

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Pretty place wonderful view so much land

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por eso se te admira mucho mas!!!!

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TOTAL RESPECT, Mister Sean Paul!I've had the great honour to meet him in Ouagadougou and talk a bit with him.He is so nice,so sympathetic.A very charming person!Later I attended the concert and I was just impressed by the energy and charisma of his whole crew.Since then,I am ADDICTED!

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@EverBlazing: Of course I will.I couldn't be at the concert ( Jus because of many reasons) anyway many of my posses were right there.It was giant, they said.I'l currently enjoying sean P's latest hot video clip (Hold my hand), sooo fine...
Any pics I got back, i'll post them up.

@SeanPaulFan4Ever: Nice piece of information, guess that was a great moment for u, an' pretty sure u won't forget it all.Plz not forget to up u'r videos...

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Respect Sean Paul......I Hope I Don't Offend Anyone But He Is Pretty Much They New Bob Marley. ~Sean Paul Addict For Life~!!!

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i just come from the concert!!! it was awesome, this guy and his crew rock!!! i can't describe my feelings, it was a dream, i was crying!!!! oh, he held my hand, OMG !!!!! i can't sleep, so excinting. i've got videos ^^!!!
sean paul 4ever!!!!

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Hi, wow, what a small world! Glad you got to meet the crew!
If you have any photos please post them on site
Please follow Sean's twitter feed from this site or at as he post updates throughout his visit !!
-Every Blazing

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Hi all,
I'm livin' in Burkina Faso.I was at the airport at his arrival, yestarday afternoon.Well I was very pleased to meet the guy, his bro Jigzag, the whole jamaïcan crew...
Hope in a near future he'll be back for another concert, we all wish it.

Well not forget thar burkina is a ppor country, anyway, we got wonderful things, pride and fine people around here.Hope Sean will point out that.

Dutty yeah!