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Sean Paul Extends Season's Greetings To His Fans


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on Wed, 2009-12-16 20:03

Sean Paul posted this photo on Twitter of a glass of Sorrell.

For those who do not know, Sorrell is a Jamaican Christmas drink. He raises his glass and posts this photo along with Seasons Greetings well wishes for his fans.


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Here is a recipe for Sorrell! Happy Holidays!

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Bwoy Sean I woulda Love fi have a glass a dat right now

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Happy new year Man...

Olivia's picture

Looks nice, though I drink only baileys I want to try Jamaican Christmas drink. Could you kindly write a prescription of Sorrell? I'll appreciate it x x

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mmm Delicius!!!

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felisez fiestas navideñas te deseamos a ti....!!!!
y una bebida de mexico es el tequila., hasi que salud y hasta el fondo.

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Seasons Greetings Sean Da Paul, and to his awsome entourage. Cheers to you and yours!!

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come to Slovakia:)))

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Merry xmas my prince & to all sean paul crew & fellow fans :)

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Happy Holidays to you too...