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on Tue, 2009-05-12 21:19

If you have not seen the Ross Kemp documentary on Jamaican Gangs, check out this U.K. special done a few years ago that goes into Craig Town and Grants Pen. Shout out to Sarah Manley for helping with the production. Welcome to Jamrock......


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Thanks a lot for posting this. What's happning in Kingston is really horrible. It's a tragedy.

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Thanks for checking this out. I will try to add more stuff like this in the future!

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I had to watch this again, as I knew I missed bits n peices of it due to the fact that it was 5:30am when I saw it this morning....25 yrs old is the average age of death for a gangster...they are babies...good lord, something needs to be done to save these kids!!!!!

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I watched this very early this morning and am so disheartened by whats going on in JA....this is so sad, I have been to JA and know how friendly, kind and loving JA residents are...this breaks my heart:(
ty for sharing this!

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OMG! I'm shocked, i'm on the verge of tears and i dont even know what to say in this comment! All i wanna do rite now is thank ever blazin for posting this, letting us know, they neva talk bout dis pon the news! I know JA people r full of luv n I pray 4 dem! Jah bless n protect JA! Peace & luv!